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NO underage drinking on premises. 

NO illegal drugs on premises. 

NO smoking. Vaping is ok.

NO pets or animals.

NO glitter or confetti can be used.


The client booking/renting studio space must be at least 18 years of age and their state issued ID or drivers license must match the card being used for payment. If the client is using any other method of payment outside of a debit or credit card the client will have to provide a copy of their state issued ID or drivers license.

The client paying for the studio booking/rental MUST be present at all times during the time they have booked and should never leave any of the guests they bring unattended and claim full responsibility for their guests.


Your session starts at the time you booked, you have a 15 minute window after your time starts to arrive. If you have not arrived or spoke with someone at the studio your session will be cancelled and your time is forfeited.

Your session begins at the time you booked, if you arrive 5 minutes late, that time is lost and cannot be made up.


Guests are expected to leave the space, in the same condition as they found it in. Guests must respect the space and we ask/appreciate that guests tidy up after themselves.

Please only place food & drink trash in the trash can located near the coffee bar. All small trash cans located in each studio are for paper and plastic trash only.

There are ABSOLUTELY NO liquids of any kind allowed near any equipment within the distance that spilling the liquid could cause damage to the equipment.


Guest must remove any equipment or rentals you bring in, and you should factor this setup and break-down time in your booking hours. Please take great care of our space. No nails, screws, staples or penetrating items should be used on our walls. Any tape or gummed backing materials must be properly removed.


Damages (walls, floors, furniture, etc) will be billed to the credit card on file. 


Please notify us in advance if you need to move furniture in the space to suit your event needs.


  • In the event the cancellation is submitted up to 90 calendar days prior to booking start time the client will receive a 100% refund.

  • In the event the cancellation is submitted within 90 - 14 calendar days prior to booking start time the client will receive 50% refund.

  • If the cancellation is submitted less than 14 calendar days prior to booking start time it is non-refundable. 

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