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This was the M3 Creative Team's entry for the 2019 48 Hour Film Project Atlanta.

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We competed against 93 other teams in this years 48 hour film project in Atlanta where filmmakers had 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a film between 4-7 minutes. We were nominated for the three awards including BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST CAST ENSEMBLE and BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS. We didn't pull off a win for any of the categories but ranking in the top five out of 94 teams in three categories was pretty awesome and an accomplishment all on it's own. We are very proud of the film we made and had an absolute blast making it.

Our genre was "DARK COMEDY"

Required Elements:

Character: Laurie or Lance Winnington, Magician

Prop: salad tongs

Line: ""That's not how we pronounce it." OR "That is not how we pronounce it.""


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