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The root natural shape may not suitable for everybody, but for some people, the shape is the main reason to buy teak root furniture. From our standpoint as a furniture manufacturer, there are some pros of using teak root as a building material for our furniture. Here’s some:

Teak root is really really strong, well of course, since root is the “oldest” part of the tree and it functions as the main support to the tree, so it has to be strong.

The grain is awesome, it’s dense and gorgeous. But you have to be a wood “fanatics” to be able to enjoy its beauty.

Water and Rot resistant, teak is well known for its rot-resistant properties, and if we are talking about the teak root, then it must be twice as good. That’s why teak root is also an awesome material for outdoor furniture.

It is considered to be an eco-friendly product since it only uses leftover materials

Teak Root Furniture

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