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The First Film I Worked On, EVER!

From the first day I picked up my camera I have always been a one man band. I filmed, I lit the scenes, recorded sound, came up the concept, carried all the gear, and anything else you can think of.

Well in July of 2016 that all changed I got the opportunity to be a part of a team that was competing in the 48 Hour Film Project.

I would av to say up to this point this was the most professional set I have been on. Everything was broken down into departments and specific people assigned to do specific jobs. No one man band, no wearing multiple hats. There was enough crew to have everything covered. I mean everyone had walkie talkies, sounds like a minor, simple detail but I saw it as a level of their professionalism and how serious they took their productions.

My role that day on set was the role of 2nd Assistant Camera. Essentially what that means is that I was responsible for slating each scene, taping the actors marks down, doing lens changes, anticipating the needs of the director and 1st AC. Paying attention, listening and always looking for a way to assist.

After that experience I was hooked, I wanted to tell stories and make films. Six years later I ave directed one feature film, one feature documentary, and nine short films. So it's pretty safe to safe I drank the Kool-Aid.

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