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Overcome Any Struggle In Life

In this episode of the Creative AF Podcast we interview Nyree D. Watkins who was born as a crack baby and had to overcome some of the most difficult changes, a baby, toddler, child, teenager and adult could ever face, Nyree was setup to fail before she ever took her first breath. Michael Mueller, owner of M3 Creative and Director of her documentary titled CRACKBABY interviews Nyree and digs deeper than the book and documentary. Because it is one thing to overcome obstacles in like but it is a whole other thing to overcome what she been through and still remain to this still a beautiful soul and by meeting her you would never know the past she endured. She believes you have to use your struggle to your advantage. Her goal and purpose in telling her story is that hopefully it helps someone will not feel alone in their story.

Crack Baby: The Documentary

Nyree's Official Website

M3 Creative Production Company

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