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M3 Short Film Contest Winner!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

This short film was produced by M3 Creative based out of Atlanta, Georgia. At the end of 2020 M3 Creative hosted a screenwriting contest via FilmFreeway. Vaughn Roste was the winner of the contest and this is the short film is the screenplay he wrote and ultimately won the contest.

Sometimes those who live the shortest lives teach us the most. A little boy with leukemia has one wish, to become a firefighter. His wish leads him to cross paths with Captain Sam McClain, a hardened Fire Chief with a past that he struggles to put behind him. Through meeting Ethan and his raw enthusiasm for life in spite of his illness, Sam finds the courage to confront his past and find redemption.


Paul Van Scott

Mandy Corbett

Tara Warren

Benjamin Brown

Directed By: Michael Mueller

Written By: Vaughn Roste

Produced By Ashley Davidson

Director of Photography: Gerardo Zarate

Edited By: Daniel Beharry

Firefighter was premiered/screened at Henry County Fire Station 16, where most of the film was shot. Henry County Fire Chief Jonathan Burnette along with County Manager Cheri Hobson-Matthews attended the premiere.

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