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Filming at a Neon Sex Dungeon

Go behind the scenes with the M3 Creative Team as they film a music video at 1763, which is Atlanta's largest fetish and BDSM Sex Dungeon for rock band @Pistols At Dawn's song titled "Gauntlet" Streaming now on all platforms. This music video was by far one of Michael's (the director) craziest and biggest ideas to date. The music video is set in a sex dungeon lit only by neon lights that also included a wide variety of circus performers. The list of performers included a topless ballerina, a contortionist, a fire eater, a snake charmer, a knife juggler and an aerial acrobat.

Make sure to check out the video here:

Check out Pistols at Dawn here:

M3 Creative Studio is located 30 minutes south of downtown Atlanta in McDonough, Georgia and is a full service multimedia production company specializing in film, music videos, documentaries and commercials.

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