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Exposing Film Contests

Often as indie filmmakers we are guilty of not reading the fine print when we either submit to film festivals or enter film contests. This is mainly because as indie filmmakers we rarely have to look at contracts or the fine print.

The problem with this is that there are companies out there that take advantage of that by adding things into the fine print they know 99% of will not read. We sign the last page and keep it moving.

In the new episode of The Creative AF Podcast Michael Mueller and Curtis Wyatt discuss the pros and cons of taking the film festival journey. Michael also exposes the ugly truth about the 48 hour film project that is one of the largest film competitions in the world. He discusses what it says in their fine print that they own 20% of the persons film in addition to them charging the participants an entry fee of a minimum $148 per team.

So not only do they charge you to be in the competition they own a piece of what you make as well. Seems totally legit. Now keep in mind they do not provide any resources to help you make the film. You have to put together your crew and cast. You have to find your own locations, write your own script, handle all of your post production. So how some way the 48 Hour Film Project deems that they are entitled to 20% of your film.

The Creative AF Podcast is filmed and record at the M3 Creative Studio located just south of downtown Atlanta in McDonough, GA.

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