Crack Baby: The Documentary

The M3 Original Documentary Crack Baby is the incredible story of true survival of a woman named Nyree D. Watkins, who was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Imagine having every odd stacked up against you before you were even born and yet still found a way out of all of the bad, all of the negativity, and all of the heartache. Growing up she attended 12 different schools during her childhood and moved around to several family members' homes. No matter how unstable & tough life got for her, she always found strength to persevere. Nyree is a single mother of four little girls and after serving in the military, she decided to serve her children and her purpose. Nyree moved to Georgia to create a stable, happy life for herself and her children.

Nyree has found purpose in sharing her story so others won't feel alone in their story.

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