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This workshop includes a half day of shooting, editing and talking shop! We will also lay out a 6 month month goal plan that will keep you on track to build your photography business. Get all your questions!

We start with learning all about your camera, shooting in manual mode, composition and settings.
After that we will then do a photo shoot using natural light, studio lighting and bounce/reflective lighting. Once we finish the shoot we will go tackle the post production process and learn how to turn your photo into art! Finally we will wrap up by discussing branding, building your photography business model and how to separate yourself from the competition.

  • Camera functions, composition & optimizing your camera settings to get the shot you want 

  • Creativity, concept development and finding your signature style

  • How to find your lane as photographer and build a business shooting what you love

  • Posing, clothing, hair and make up

  • Building a trusting rapport with clients to make it a fun atmosphere

  • Finding inspiration and ideas for different concepts

  • Advanced editing techniques and post production workflow

  • How to choose the best images

  • Sales

  • Client Management

  • Customer Experience

  • Communication


ONLY: $150

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