M3 has worked with everyone from professional sports players, national acts, high profile clients, Fortune 500 Corporations, & entertainment venues. Our team has the expertise to elevate your business model.


Our work have been featured on Good Morning America, Ellen, The Huffington Post and E! News to name a few while collecting over 250,000,000 views across all social media platforms.

When it comes to launching your brand, product or business you need to have experts by your side. With our customized strategies M3 will ensure your brand .


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The average person sees over 5000 advertisements a day so you are going to need scroll stopping media

Give your brand an edge through epic video. Our team can help create standout content that converts and builds demand. 


Marketing isn't just an important part of business success; it is the business. Everything else in the business depends upon marketing. 


We offer marketing strategies that target only people interested in your type of business, service, or product you offer.


Stop spending money on billboards, print, TV & radio ads. When you spend your marketing budget on those platforms you are taking a gamble that your ideal customer is going to see or hear about your business.

We can target your exact ideal customer and put 100% of your marketing budget toward your targeted audience. Even if you have different products or services we are able to target those separately. 

Target demographic marketing makes your ad spend efficient and also yields a greater return on your investment since it's only being shown to people who have already show interest in your product or service already. 

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We tap you into our exclusive social network of global, micro, and macro influencers to get your brand the exposure it deserves with brand partnerships and ambassador relationships. 

The influencers whom you see on social media have a few hundred thousand or over a million followers on Instagram or Snapchat or YouTube. These people have built up their earned audiences, which is why they're called influencers.

  • Reach a bigger audience

  • Build trust for your brand

  • Grow your social following

  • Increase site traffic

  • Get more leads

  • Drive sales


Interactive & VR Marketing is an innovative approach to engage your customer base. With VR you are able to provide your clients a unique experience whether that is from a headset, tablet, phone or a computer. There is no limit to what we can create in this experience.

We can bring them to your location, give them a tour, create an interactive space that they can move through that has information, videos, images, audio files, PDF’s, etc.