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Michael Mueller Media or M3 creates a variety of original content that include short films, episodic and reality based projects. All of M3's projects are distributed digitally through Amazon and available for purchase, rent or watch for free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

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By all outward appearances, Linda is a gorgeous psychiatrist that has successfully acclimated into modern day. In her seemingly successful practice men who have committed unconscionable crimes that they do not regret come to her for rehabilitation. However, Linda is harboring a secret of her own. For those who come to her for treatment for their unforgivable depravity, Linda siphons their souls. No one has noticed the criminals that Linda has siphoned, until now.


Sometimes those who live the shortest lives teach us the most. A little boy with leukemia has one wish, to become a firefighter.

Nyree has been fighting her entire life even before she was born a crack baby during the mid 80's crack epidemic. She overcame the struggles of having a mother addicted to crack and father in person for most of her childhood.

Crack Baby by Nyree Watkins
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