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Yes distribution is a part of our process but the truth is you don’t need a label or company to distribute your music. With companies such as Distrokid, TuneCore, CD Baby, United Masters, etc. They pretty much have that market covered.  However what we do provide is guidance on choosing which of those distributors is best for your project.

Where the M3 Music Group really shines is by building your project from scratch, your brand, your image, your sound, visuals, merchandise, etc.


With so many platforms that listeners are discovering new music on these days from Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora and the list goes on. Every single penny counts in your marketing budget and your strategy can't afford to run ads with the hopes that the people seeing/hearing your ad might become a fan.

That is where M3 comes in, we can assist you with making sure your music gets heard by ears wanting to hear your music they just didn't know it, YET!


This is where the M3 Music Group really shines! By building your project from scratch, your brand, your image, your sound, visuals, merchandise, etc. M3 Creative can assist you with developing your brand which is way more than just a logo! We assist with setting your brands guidelines, strategy, mission statement and how it interacts with your fan experience.


If we are being honest nobody buys music anymore, so how does an artist or band earn a living from their music? Well as social media becomes a bigger and bigger tool in the artists tool belt and the cost of entry for indie artists to advertise their music to new potential fans you have now have to think beyond the music. 

Of course you are paid for your streams and video views if your YouTube channel is monetized but there a ton of other ways to make money like selling merchandise, ticket sales, licensing your music and getting placements such as movies and television, charging for features, and brand sponsorships are just several of the ways an artist can earn money from their music. This is also why building a strong polished brand is so important so you can maximize the amount your brand is worth.


We understand that every single recording project is unique and has its own needs. We also know that every artist and band usually already has some type of team assembled so we make it very easy for the M3 Music Group to play the part we are needed/hired for. Which can be full service project management or just consulting on specific parts of the project like marketing or getting the best music video you can for the budget you have. Where ever you need us we can be there.  


Well I have loved music my entire life but fell in love with the creation and business of music back in 2001 when I was just an aspiring artist manager learning about copyrighting, music publishing, contracts, etc. This was way before the days of YouTube University, I actually had to go to the library and read books on the music industry, which was helpful and all but there wasn't a help button and not really anywhere you could go to get answers to the questions you had. What I can tell you the most important thing that I learned 20 years ago that is still as important today as it was then was back then: BUILDING GENUINE STRONG RELATIONSHIPS.  That is one more additional thing that comes with hiring M3 to be a part of your project is the extensive list of resources and relationships I have built over the past 20 years.

Below is a series of short videos that cover my experience from intern to studio owner.