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beLIEf is a profoundly moving exploration of human suffering that depicts one man’s desperate denial of his own tragic circumstances. It boldly encapsulates the agony of a man who declares war on the undeniable truth and renounces the all-powerful God who allowed it to be so. Exquisite in the gritty tenacity of its vision, Belief is a portrait of the raw and emotional lengths we would all go to for closure in the face of losing everything we love.

A father decides to stop mourning the loss of his family and sets out in search of answers. Finding none, he rides a rapid downward spiral into a strange land of defiant protest against the powers of the universe. The air is cold. The house is quiet. The solitude is insufferable. The incessant flood of memories from a life of love lost rip the beating heart from his chest. He wants to spring into action, to shed his paralysis and piece together some degree of understanding, to find the ever elusive, but enlightening truth of why God chose him to bear the crushing weight of a cruel and indifferent world. His quest touches off a fatal sequence that sends him careening into free fall. To the point of no return. To the brink and beyond.


This short film is for the people by the people in the sense that it was only made possible by the people who believed in the project. Donating money, time, resources and having the beLIEf in me to make a film we would all be incredibly proud of.